Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.

Werner Heisenberg:  Brook North
Niels Bohr:  John Honeycutt
Margrethe Bohr: Bonnie Roe

Directed by Andrew Hayworth
Stage Manager: Ann Davis

Lighting Design: Todd Houseknecht
Costume Design: Madira Hoffman
Sound Design: Will Mikes
Graphic Design: Daniel McCord

Trailer by Altercation Pictures  VIEW IT HERE.

Reviews - the good ones:

The bad one:
Triangle A&E

Thank you to the following people who helped make our production of Copenhagen Possible:

Research Assistants:
Kevin Huxford
Julya Mirro
Peter Nalepa
Stephanie Toney

Kristie Appelgren
Reverend Diane B. Corlett & Fred Corlett
Antonio Unfriendme Delgadillo
Damian Gordon
David Klionsky
Chris Pikula
Jeanne Sellers
Stephen Wall

Nobel Lauretes:
Christopher and Diana North

Special thanks to the following people and organizations:

Altercation Pictures
Hope Community Church
Meredith College
Eugen and Ann Merzbacher
Flynt Burton & Ben Wingrove
Chapel Hill High School

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