Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Reviews Are In, Blackbird Is A Hit!

Opening weekend was tremendous. The weather discouraged a few people, but those who came witnessed (in the words of Areon Mobasher) "a work of moving, captivating, and profoundly human art." Thanks Areon, I couldn't have said it better myself (and I tried!).  It's really great to hear that kind of praise from a fellow artist. The local critics were also out in force, and they loved what they saw:

Triangle A&E:
Pamela Vesper and Kurt Benrud call John and Katie "Simply superb."

Alan Hall didn't really provide anything blurb-worthy, but he liked it. Don't believe me, CLICK HERE to read it (SPOILER WARNING - this review describes the plot a bit too much imho).

News & Observer

Indy Week:
Byron Woods gave Blackbird "★★★★" and called the show "A thorny garland of questions with no easy answers."

Our first weekend was a critical success. Will it be a commercial one?

This is a tough play. One of the things we were worried about was: "would people come?" We decided that if we produced a great show. One with truth, and clarity and heart, audiences would respond. I think we did that. I hope you join us. If you like good theatre, this is a show you won't want to miss!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Ticket Prices

Due to a miscommunication with the venue, tickets were available for an incorrect (and cheaper) price. The ticket prices on our website, our facebook page and our press release were the prices we intended to charge. The text of Sonorous Road's website was correct too. But the wrong information was input into ticket leap. As a consequence, some people got a discount. So congratulations! You saved some money! Some press reports also took the price from the website and reported it incorrectly, so we honored the discount for tickets sold at the door Friday night (we made all tickets $10 on Sunday anyway because of the weather).

SO - The correct prices for tickets are:

$20 for general admission
$16 for students/seniors

Which leads us to a natural question: why? Our general admission prices have been going up steadily from $15 for our first show, Copenhagen to now. Why are we charging more? 

Well the first answer is our costs have gone up, significantly. We paid $600 for our single weekend rental of Common Ground in 2012. We paid twice that $1,200, for a single weekend at Sonorous Road. Our venue costs have gone up 100%, and venue costs are the number one line item in a show's budget. We also are putting more money into the set, costumes, and design. Not a LOT more, but we have made a conscious decision to spend more on our set to get it right. We sweat the details more. Of course, we still could not do this show without the generous contribution and help of other theatres letting us borrow (or rent at very low rates) furniture, props, flats, etc, but keep in mind, the only set pieces for Copenhagen were three chairs. This set requires a lot more money than that:

The set of Blackbird consists of a bit more than 3 chairs. Photo by Areon Mobasher

But the main reason is very simple: this show is worth it. I don't like to make comparisons when it comes to art, but I feel comfortable saying that this production is among the very best theatrical presentations in the triangle. I would put this up there with every production in last year's top ten according to the INDY (including our own Time Stands Still). Tickets for touring shows at DPAC start at $30 (plus fees) and go up from there. Tickets for Playmakers start at $15 if you want to sit in the corner, but seats comparable to our performance will cost you $57 (again, plus fees). Tickets to Theatre Raleigh are $30. Even tickets to Raleigh Little Theatre run $24 general admission. 

This show is every bit as good as anything you will see on those stages, and probably better (in my admittedly biased opinion). This is a chance to see a show of incredible quality at a price that is cheap by local standards. Is it more expensive than a movie? Sure. But it costs more per seat to produce. And it is worth it. If you value theatre, if you think it is a worthy medium, if you think it should matter, come see this show. You will not be disappointed. 

PS - if you are concerned about price, there are still opportunities to see the show for FREE. Sign up to volunteer by clicking here!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

SNOW DAY SPECIAL! The show will go on!

South Stream's production of Blackbird by David Harrower will go on at 3PM today, Sunday, January 8, as scheduled. 

Come see the show that critics are already raving about! 
"Tour-de-force performances" Martha Keravuori and Chuck Galle
"Simply superb" - Pamela Vesper and Kurt Benrud

ALSO- for today only, we're having a Snow Day Special!  ALL TICKETS ONLY $10!
(there may be some fees if you buy on line)

We know some people are still snowed in, and we don't want you to take any unnecessary risks, so if you have tickets and would like to move your reservation to a different date, we will happily accommodate you. Just email us at

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Show Cancelled Tonight, Saturday January 7

Friends and patrons,

We hate to lose a show, but we have decided to cancel tonight's performance (Saturday, January 7) due to inclement weather.

The safety of our audience is important to us, and while the winter storm is not nearly as bad as anticipated, there is enough snow and ice on the roads to make coming to/from the performance more dangerous than it needs to be.

If you bought tickets online or by phone - we will be offering a full refund. Alternatively, we will be happy to honor your ticket at any other performance.

If you got tickets through our kickstarter rewards - we can't offer a refund but please join us for any other performance.

SUNDAY - We are keeping an eye on things, but at this time it looks probable we will have a show on Sunday. More time for crews to plow/salt the roads plus being able to travel to/from the theatre in daylight should make things much safer for you and for us. If you have tickets for Sunday and want to reschedule please contact us at the email below. We will be happy to see you at a different performance if you do not feel comfortable driving to the theatre.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Friday, January 6, 2017

Opening Night for Blackbird is a GO!!!

It's here! It's here!

Opening night for Blackbird is finally here. We have put a lot of work into this production. A LOT. And we are very excited to share it with you.

Some important information:


YES! I know every weatherperson in the triangle area is thrilled to be leading the news cast, but every forecast I've checked says that it will remain above freezing until well after midnight. The safety of our cast, crew, and audience is very important to us, and we wouldn't hesitate to cancel if we thought it would be unsafe for our guests, but things really look fine tonight.


If you have tickets to Saturday's show we will make a final determination by 3:30 PM. We will make a decision before then if we can, but expect an update on this website no later than 3:30.

For Sunday's performance, we will make a decision no later than 12:00 noon.


Please get there early. PLEASE GET THERE EARLY! Leave extra time for parking. There is plenty of parking available if the main lot is full. Please see THIS HANDY WEBSITE with the theatre location and a parking map.

I think that's it. See you at the show!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Our Backers

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful. Huge thank you to the following people who helped make it happen!

Glynis Budd

Karen Ferguson
David Klionsky
Sam Thompson

Benji Taylor Jones
Jennifer Sanderson

Kristie and Kevin Clarke
Matt Fields
Christopher and Diana North
Jeanne Sellers

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

It's January 1. So you know what that means: the next show from South Stream must be right around the corner.

We spent the 31st the way most people spend their last day of the year - loading in a set. (That is how most people spend New Year's Eve day right?)  It's starting to come together.

Your typical office break room in the most depressing job ever.
It's not done yet, but it's getting close. We had a great group of people. Of course our cast and crew - Todd our TD supervised, Alyssa our ASM ran cables and set lights, and the rest of us - John, Andy, Katie, Jennifer, Chris, Spittler, and Steve: we did what we were told.

As traumatic as 2016 has been in some respects, it was great to have something real and productive to do on the last day. Building something good. And the show will be good (dark maybe, but GOOD). Sometimes it's nice to have a task that you can start and see coming to completion.

The one thing we can do as artists is produce art. We're hoping to start this year off right. Starting now. We hope you share this with us.

Get tickets here!

Onward to the New Year!